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I have been coaching, teaching, speaking, and mentoring for over 35 years, and I absolutely love what I do! The world has changed a lot since my career began, but my desire to help others create their dream lifestyle has never wavered. It seems to be in my DNA, and when I really think about it, I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t trying to help others overcome some challenge or other!

My own journey of self-discovery and personal development has been going on in a kind of parallel trajectory, and I love putting into practice the gems of wisdom I’ve acquired along the way.
And if there’s one thing that’s become crystal clear to me over the years, it’s that most of us are not operating on a level that comes anywhere close to realizing our true potential.

Here’s what I know for sure:

• Nobody is “broken” or incomplete – you may get off track from time to time, or feel disconnected from your purpose and your goals, but you are not broken
• You already have everything you need inside you – my work is to help you re-connect with the gold of your Authentic Self through a beautiful alchemical process of restoration and renewal
• Everything is easier when you get the right help at the right time – yes, you could most likely reach your goals on your own, but that usually takes many times longer than getting expert help precisely when you need it

I have 6 decades of life experience and over 3 decades working with people and guiding them to extraordinary results. Here’s how working with me can finally give you the breakthrough you’ve been seeking:
• Getting clear on what’s most important to you so that you’re in true alignment with your values in specific areas of your life
• Taking your business or creative pursuit to the next level
• Transitioning from one career to another, or from career to retirement
• Creating a schedule that lets you accomplish all you want while enjoying more time freedom every week
• Improving your health and wellness, or helping you get back to peak performance in your sport

If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, it’s time for you to Alchemise your Brilliance, Creativity, and Purpose into the Soul-Aligned Gold of your Highest Self and True Potential!